Shipping Information

We really want your order to arrive to you safe and sound, so here's a few tips to make sure this happens......


First up... we need a physical address - no Post Office Boxes - all our deliveries are by local post or courier and they need a physical address to deliver to.

Be careful to ensure that your address is accurate and complete. If you are unsure how to format your address, please check with your country’s post office website.

If your parcel is being delivered to a business address, you must write the name of the business in the appropriate field.

If your address is an apartment building, please ensure to write the correct apartment number and street address. If you don't do this you run the risk that your parcel will be returned to us by the courier, or if you're really unlucky, lost.

Most countries require a zip code/postcode, state or region and town. New Zealand addresses must have the suburb listed. 


Couriers need as much help as they can get when delivering parcels. This is especially true if you live in a unit or apartment. So please take care to give us the right physical address you would like the courier to deliver your parcel to.

Couriers will not deliver to a Post Office Box so be sure to provide a physical street address.


Once you decide to bring goods into your country from an overseas location you become an importer. This means that legally you are responsible for abiding by the import laws set by your country.

We are not responsible for any items that are seized or destroyed by the Customs and Border Protection in your country. If your item is destroyed by Customs we are unable to provide any refund.

We are also unable to refund items that are opened, damaged or inspected by Customs. 


These times are targeted arrival times in the delivery country. They do not include delays that may occur due to customs delays in the delivery country, nor do they include any internal delivery times within the delivery country.  

Any customs fees or import duties that may be incurred in the delivery country are not included. These will be the responsibility of the person receiving the package to pay.

We hope this helps, we really want you to get your package in good shape.


Estimated Delivery Times:

 Destination Target Delivery
New Zealand 2-3 working days
Australia and Fiji 3-6 working days

North America, Europe, Pacific Islands, Japan, Taiwan

6-10 working days

Rest of World

6-21 working days